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The 15-Day WFPB Jumpstart – for the Experience

Jumpstart is a “quick results” Lifestyle Intervention Program designed to help your patients learn how to adopt an “Esselstyn-Style” Very Low-Fat Whole-Food Plant-Based (VLF WFPB) way of eating. We are here to help you bring this lifestyle into your patients’ lives.  

The 15-Day WFPB Jumpstart – for the Experience and Credit

A Plant-Based Diet: Experiential Lifestyle Medicine Training for Clinicians
This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM
Total course hours are approximately 20. Actual number of credits hours TBD, subject to final review by the accrediting body.


Approximately 12 hours of live programming in the 15-Day Whole-Food Plant-Based Jumpstart, of which 10 will be available for credit. You will meet in a Zoom-based Intensive Lifestyle Intervention group with patient participants and other medical practitioners. You will be expected to adhere to the dietary guidelines as if you were a patient. From now through September, you have the opportunity to participate in this program at no charge!

Approximately 10 hours of didactic material online to be completed at your own pace. Recorded lectures, readings, and quizzes will be available on a learning management system, beginning October 2020.

“The Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute has created an educational program founded on evidence based science proven to prevent and reverse chronic disease.  Participants will readily comprehend the vocabulary of science that will empower them as the locus of control to achieve the goal of lifelong optimal disease free health.  The Rochester team, known for its success rate, is now able to offer their skill and knowledge base beyond Rochester nationally and internationally in a format with dignity and simplicity…”

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.

Medical Practice Benefits

Improved Performance-Based Metrics

Improved Value-Based Payment

Improved Joy of Practice for Providers

Patient Benefits

Rapidly Improved Biometrics and Mood

Confidence for Long-Term Changes

Reduced Medication Costs

What is the 15 Day Whole-Foods Plant-Based Jumpstart?

Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Decrease Meds, and Feel Better in Two Weeks for just $149.

Our Jumpstart program provides all the information and support you need to achieve positive health results and reduce or reverse chronic disease – from the comfort of your own home!

Jumpstart takes place over four 2-hour small group Zoom meetings. Two additional check-ins are optional, but encoraged to build community and ask questions!

We will make sure you can connect to our Zoom internet web conferencing before the start of the program.

Participants may have substantial changes in blood sugar or blood pressure. We suggest that you consult with your medical provider, as adjustments to medications may be advised.

What does Jumpstart include?

Wed. Pre-Program Connect​

  • Test Zoom connect session. Login to the meeting to make sure your equipment is ready.
  • Confirm startup paperwork – survey and provider notification
  • Menu / recipe / shopping list review.

Day 1 – Kickoff Meeting

  • Presentations on:
    • Relationship between food and chronic disease
    • Behavior change & Self-Determination Theory
    • The spectrum of diets and nutrition
    • Living on a Very-Low Fat Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet
  • Personal, interactive group discussion with a medical provider
  • Workshop on menu planning and shopping list building.

Day 2 – Cooking Demonstration​

  • Use pre-purchased ingredients to make recommended meals
  • Whole-food plant-based cooking tips.
  • Learn to prepare basics like dry beans and grains.
  • Make oil-free dressings and sauces.
  • Use basic ingredients to create meals.

Mid-week Check-ins
Day 5 and Day 12​

  • Practical discussions on motivation, skills and relationships.
  • Discuss medical issues with a provider.
  • Share personal challenges and victories with the group.

Day 8 – Virtual Potluck Lunch

  • Participants take turns showing meal recipes and pictures.
  • Recipe exchange
  • Midway progress review and discussion
  • Discuss medical issues with a provider.

Day 15 – Commencement

  • Optionally share results for self-reported data.
  • Discuss next steps, plans for continuing the WFPB diet.
  • Tips on communicating with your provider
  • End of program survey
  • Commencement ceremony!

During All 15 Days – The Jumpstart Program Guide, private Facebook group & daily emails provide continuous support.