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We are working to make
Lifestyle Medicine the Standard of Care!

  • The mission of the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute (RLMI) is to transform healthcare throughout the nation by spreading the word about the benefits of a plant-based diet, applying the principles and practice of lifestyle medicine, and offering a model of a healthy community to the rest of the world.
  • In the spirit of this season of compassion, please give the gift of health to yourself, your fellow humans, and the planet we all share by making a donation to RLMI.

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At the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute
you take charge of your own health.

 Our Programs:

Five Rochester area doctors have recently been awarded their board-certification in Lifestyle Medicine!

Please Click here to meet our newly board-certified doctors and our amazing staff.

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Meet Dr. Ted Barnett aka Dr. Veggie

Ted BarnettTed Barnett, MD

The High-Tech Doctor, with Low-Tech Solutions

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15-Day Jumpstarts

Nutrition Courses

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Lifestyle as Medicine Lecture Series

CHIP Information Sessions:

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We will advocate only lifestyle changes that are affordable and accessible.

We will always be aware of the need to reach out to those least likely to seek our help.

We will promote only educational services.

We will not sell products such as supplements, vitamins, or equipment.

Ready to get healthy and be part of a thriving community? Learn about the benefits of a new lifestyle program!

CHIP Revolution

We understand that it will take a revolution to change the unhealthy habits of our community. That’s why we’ve created our CHIP Revolution program, designed around our core CHIP curriculum.

Learn about our CHIP Revolution program.


We know that many people will need ongoing support to help them stick with the CHIP Principles they acquired during the first year of the CHIP Revolution. CHAMP, the CHIP Alumni Maintenance Program, was created to fill that need.

Learn about our CHAMP program.

Lifestyle as Medicine
Lecture Series

The series will resume again in the spring of 2017.

Dr. Chad Teeters, Chief of Cardiology at Highland Hospital opened up the fall series with “But Nobody Will Do That!”: Treating Heart Disease With Plant-Based Nutrition.

Past speakers have included Drs. Michael Greger, Neal Barnard, Caldwell Esselstyn, Michael Klaper, Thomas Campbell, Chad Teeters, and Joel Kahn.

Our Programs and Events

FREE Information Session

Our next one will be scheduled soon!

Learn more about our CHIP Revolution program in this free session.

CHIP Revolution Programs

Our next ones will be scheduled soon!

One year program with 3 month intensive lifestyle intervention.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

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Always fun!

We host frequent events, including yoga, cooking classes and CME courses.