Become a CHAMP! Join the CHIP Alumni Maintenance Program for ongoing support.

What is the CHAMP Program?

We understand that many people will need ongoing support to help them stick with the CHIP Principles they acquired during the first year of the CHIP Revolution.

CHAMP, the CHIP Alumni Maintenance Program, was created to fill that need. Participation in the program is optional but highly recommended to assist you in your long term success.

Annual membership dues are $600.

We’re in this for the long run. We hope you are too!

One year CHAMP Membership

4 Follow-up Individual Lifestyle Evaluations each include:

  • Review of your BMI, BP, and medications with a qualified medical professional, and;
  • Review of your lab results (lipid panel, glucose, HbA1c) with a qualified medical professional.

ClubCHIP monthly group sessions will:

  • help participants continue with their new happy, healthy lifestyle.
  • continue learning with videos, recipe contests, socialization, motivation, support, and more.

Cooking Classes will teach you to prepare delicious foods that help you to be healthy and happy.

Yoga Instruction will help you increase strength and flexibility while decreasing stress.