Are you dealing with chronic illness and tired of medications? There is a way to turn your health around.

Heart disease? Type 2 diabetes? High blood pressure? Obesity?

Lose weight, lower cholesterol, decrease your medication needs and feel better in just two weeks with the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute Jumpstart.

“The Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute has created an educational program founded on evidence based science proven to prevent and reverse chronic disease. Participants will readily comprehend the vocabulary of science that will empower them as the locus of control to achieve the goal of lifelong optimal disease free health. The Rochester team, known for its success rate, is now able to offer their skill and knowledge base beyond Rochester nationally and internationally in a format with dignity and simplicity…”

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.


The Jumpstart is a medically supervised program that helps you reverse and even prevent chronic disease. It follows a whole food, plant-based approach to eating, scientifically proven to give you your health back.

In just 15 days, under the guidance of medical professionals, you’ll:

  • Learn to enjoy healthy food, for a lifetime
  • Lose weight and keep it off — while eating more!
  • Lower your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure*
  • Reduce your medication needs and expenses
  • Gain energy, feel better and enjoy life again

We’ll teach you about the important role that nutrition plays in discovering your best health and offer support as you change your eating habits. Endorsed by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, author of the China Study, this lifestyle intervention program is designed to help you dramatically change your health and happiness in a short period of time.

Just 2 weeks to start your journey to a happier, healthier life!


Interactive, small group Zoom discussions with a medical provider

Educational presentations that introduce the relationships between food and health

Cooking demonstrations

Recipes, sample menus and shopping lists

Virtual pot-luck lunches recipe exchanges… and much more!

You’ll receive a course guide, access to a private Facebook page and daily resource emails.

RLMI’s 15-day WFPB jumpstart is a great way to get started on a healthier life!


Jumpstart Participants and Medical Practitioners hail from across the USA and Canada.

Really enjoyed the virtual jumpstart program. It was brief yet thorough, highly relevant and of course evidence based. I am excited to use this tool in my patient population.

— J.M., M.D., July 2020 Participant

My cholesterol dropped by 67 points and I’m eating this way, have lost weight, gained energy and lowered my blood sugar levels too. Highly recommend!

— C.M., March 2020 Participant

Huge impact! I lost 10 lbs, I sleep through the entire night, I feel brighter, my skin is clearer, I have less anxiety. It’s been more radical than any “diet” I’ve ever tried.

— T.R., June 2020 Participant